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Graduation Survey & Scholarship Information in Naviance - Class of 2022

Dear Class of 2022! 

YOU ARE ALMOST THERE! Your contributions as a SENIOR will not go unnoticed here at Walton and in your future endeavors when you leave our doors. It has been our honor to work with you, and we cannot wait to see how you all go out and change our world. You inspire us every day. We CELEBRATE YOU as we march towards graduation. 

There are three tasks left to accomplish before we let you go………………. 


Please complete the graduation survey by Monday, May 2nd. This graduation survey is mandatory.  

To access the survey: 

   -- Log in to your Naviance account 

   -- On the Home Page –scroll down to IMPORTANT To-Do’s and TASKS  

   -- Click “Class of 2022 Graduation Survey” 

   -- Complete survey questions 1-4 


Once you have committed to your college of choice, please stop by the RECORDS ROOM located in the counseling suite as soon as possible and fill out your transcript card notifying us where to send your final transcript. You do NOT need to pay for your final transcript. All graduating seniors will receive a personal copy of their final unofficial transcript at the end of the year. 
Note: Athletes must sign and pay $2 for a final transcript to be sent to the NCAA.  

Each year Walton High School collects scholarship information to report to the Cobb School District. If you have been offered any scholarships, please complete the Scholarship Form by Monday, May 2. Walton will present a slide show of accepted senior scholarships before the graduation ceremony. Students must complete the form above to be included in the slide show. 


Important Reminder for HOPE & Zell Miller Scholarship Requirements for Seniors 

Seniors are reminded to check their progress toward the HOPE scholarship through their GAFutures account. Additional information about accessing your GAFutures account, testing requirements for Zell Miller Scholarship eligibility, and HOPE and Zell application requirements can be found on the Walton counseling website: 

Graduation Survey - Class 2022: About
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