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GAfutures is Georgia's primary resource to help students plan, apply, and find affordable ways to pay for their post-secondary education.

GAfutures & HOPE Scholarships: About Me
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GAfutures Grade-Level Checklists

Provided by the Georgia Student Finance Committee, each checklist gives step-by-step instructions to ensure all students are on track to graduate from high school and are financially prepared for college

GAfutures & HOPE Scholarships: About
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Matching with the right college just got easier! Based on your recent HOPE GPA, GEORGIA MATCH provides seniors with a simple way to determine their eligibility for college admission.

GAfutures & HOPE Scholarships: About Me

HOPE & Zell Miller Scholarships

HOPE Scholarship requirements:

- 3.0 GPA for core academic courses (English, Math, Science, Social Studies & Foreign Language)

- 4 HOPE rigor courses

Zell Miller Scholarship requirements:

- 3.7 GPA for core academic courses 

(English, Math, Science, Social Studies & Foreign Language)

- 1200 on SAT (1 sitting) or 25 on ACT (1 sitting)

- 4 HOPE rigor courses

- Click here for updates to the Zell Miller Scholarship (rev. 2-2-24)

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