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Step-By-Step Guide to Apply to College


Research and determine what colleges you are applying to


Determine application types: Common App (preferred method if offered), directly to the institution, or Coalition


Decide your application deadline (Early Action, Regular Decision, etc.)


Submit your college applications


Send your SAT/ACT test scores via CollegeBoard/ACT (check colleges' test-optional policies)


Use Naviance (Walton's delivery system) to add colleges to your "Colleges I'm Applying To" list and request teacher recommendations (if required)


Request your transcript from the records room located in the counseling office ($2 per transcript cash or check only)


Track your admission status using the websites of the colleges to which you've applied

Frequently Asked College Application Questions

How do I learn more about colleges?

-- Research colleges through Naviance and on colleges' admissions website
-- Use Naviance's SuperMatch College Search
-- Attend college visits with admissions representatives at Walton

-- Make an appointment with Walton's college adviser Dr. England

How do I choose the right colleges to apply to?

Consider multiple factors including location, size, cost, academic majors and programs, campus culture, admission requirements, and acceptance rates. It's also important to build your college list with a variety of schools.  

How do I actually apply to colleges?

Complete and submit your applications as directed by the college. Many colleges have several application options (e.g., Common App, Coalition, direct to the institution, GAfutures, etc.). Choose the option that streamlines the process for you. No preference is given to one application over the other.

What is Common App?

The Common App is a widely used college application platform that allows you to apply to multiple colleges and universities simultaneously. Instead of filling out separate applications for each school, you can create one comprehensive application through the Common App, which will then be sent to your chosen institutions. Using Common App streamlines the college application process and saves you time and effort.

What colleges accept the Common App?

Click here to see the entire list of colleges that accept Common App.

Click here to see the list of Georgia colleges that accept Common App.

How do I waive my FERPA rights and match my Common App with my Naviance account?

Walton can only send documents, including your transcript or letters of recommendation, to colleges through Naviance with you waiving your FERPA rights and matching your Common App with your Naviance account. Watch this short video that walks you through this process.

What if the college I'm applying to doesn't accept Common App?

Some colleges do not accept Common App. Visit the college's undergraduate admissions website and learn how to submit your application. The choices may be Direct to Institution, Coalition, or GAfutures. You must manually enter the college into the “Colleges I’m Applying To” list in Naviance.

How do I apply to college through "Direct to Institution"?

Apply through the college's web-based application on the school's undergraduate admissions website. You must then manually enter the college into the “Colleges I’m Applying To” list in Naviance.

How do I apply to college through GAfutures?

You can apply to any college in Georgia directly through GAfutures. You must then manually enter the college into the “Colleges I’m Applying To” list in Naviance.

How do I apply to college through Coalition?

The Coalition is similar to Common App. It allows you to apply to over 150 colleges simultaneously. You must then manually enter the college into the “Colleges I’m Applying To” list in Naviance.

What do the different college application deadlines (e.g., Rolling Admissions, Early Action, etc.) mean?

Click here to read about the different college application deadlines.

How do I request my transcript to be sent to the colleges I'm applying to?

Follow these two steps to request your transcript.

How do I request a teacher letter of recommendation?

How do I request a counselor letter of recommendation?

Once you've requested your transcript, your counselor will automatically submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf when sending your transcript and other supporting documents to the college. Your counselor must have a completed Post-Secondary Options Packet to write your letter of recommendation.

Should I submit my test scores (SAT and/or ACT) if the college I'm applying to is test-optional?

You can submit your official SAT or ACT test scores if you think it will enhance your overall application. If you do not submit your test scores, the college may elect to weigh other application components differently since it will not be considering test scores.

Can I request my transcript, teacher letter of recommendation, and test scores before I submit my college application?

Yes. It does not matter the order the colleges receive your materials.

What is other information asked on college applications?

-- Senior class size: 656

-- Class rank: CCSD does not rank
-- Grading scale: 4.0 weighted scale

-- Walton CEEB code: 111987

I've submitted my application. Now what?

You can track your submission status on the college's website. The admissions committee will review all your materials once they receive them and render a decision. If you're accepted, you may be asked to provide additional information or complete additional steps to finalize your enrollment.

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