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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is a state-funded program allowing high school students to take college courses. Students receive credit for both high school and college courses. Courses taken will appear on both high school and college transcripts. Georgia provides 100% funding for tuition, mandatory fees, and books.

Click here for the Cobb County Dual Enrollment website.

Dual Enrollment: About

Information Session

Any students interested in participating in dual enrollment in the future must attend a Dual Enrollment Information Session and complete the Walton High School Dual Enrollment Checklist before meeting with their assigned dual enrollment counselor.

Cobb County's Dual Enrollment deadlines are May 1 (Summer & Fall) and November 1 (Spring).

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Dual Enrollment: About Me


The Walton High School Counseling Department has created a Dual Enrollment checklist for students to follow. This will ensure that all steps are followed accurately and on time. Please download the checklist and check off the steps as they are completed. The Dual Enrollment counselors will only meet with students once all items on the first page of the checklist are complete.

Dual Enrollment: About Me

More Information About Dual Enrollment


University System of Georgia Dual Enrollment Admissions Requirements for 2023-24

Click here to read about dual enrollment admissions requirements to all 26 colleges and universities in the University Systems of Georgia. Note - this does not include schools in the Technical College System of Georgia (e.g., Chattahoochee Tech).

Click here to read the USG dual enrollment pamphlet.

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Dual Enrollment Funding Application

Click here for directions on how to submit Dual Enrollment funding application for students.

Click here for directions on how to submit Dual Enrollment funding application for parents.


Cobb County  Local School Agreement & Advisement Forms

Students must complete both the Cobb County Local School Agreement and Dual Enrollment Advisement Form for each semester they participate in Dual Enrollment.

Click here for the Cobb County Local School Agreement.

Click here for the Dual Enrollment Advisement Form.


Course Directory

Click here for eligible courses for the 2022-2023 year


Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum is a set of common courses required of all undergraduate students who attend a University System of Georgia (USG) institution, regardless of major. Courses taken through Dual Enrollment may be able to satisfy Core Curriculum requirements at a USG institution. Click here for a list of USG institutions and their Core Curriculum requirements.

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Option B

High School Graduation Option B offers qualified students a unique path to high school graduation. Students choose to simultaneously earn a high school diploma and a college Associate Degree, Technical Diploma, or two Technical Certificates of Credit (TCC's) in a specific career pathway. Some of the required high school courses may be taken under the state-funded Dual Enrollment program.

Click here to learn more about Option B.

Click here to view the most recent list of approved Technical Certificates of Credit. 

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The University of West Georgia
Georgia Scholars' Institute for Summer Dual Enrollment

Rising juniors and seniors can live on the UWG campus and earn 6 Honors College credits for dual enrollment courses over the summer.

Click here for more information.

Dual Enrollment: Projects
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