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Social Work Presentations

Thriving in High School.jpg

A Parent/Guardian's Guide to Thriving in High School

September 19, 2023

This presentation, presented by the Walton and Dickerson school social workers, is designed to help families navigate the high school environment, including maintaining the high school's social scene, dealing with stress and anxiety, and fostering and maintaining healthy peer and family relationships. Strategies to build good academic, social-emotional, and interpersonal habits are shared.

emotional regulation.png

Emotional Regulation & Mindfulness

Presented by Mandy Goodwin - NOA, LCSW

This presentation looks at the effects of stress and how to effectively regulate stress with several different examples and models.

Teen Depression & Suicide.png

Teen Depression & Suicide: Risks, Signs & What Parents Can Do

Presented by Dr. Julie Lance, LCSW, RPT-S and Dr. Karen Schwartz, LCSW

This presentation discusses what depression is and how it manifests in teens, the signs & risk factors, building resiliency/protective factors, how to address signs of depression & suicide if you see them, and where to get help & resources

Understanding and Managing Anxiety.png

Understanding & Managing Anxiety

Presented by Dr. Karen Schwartz, LCSW and Erin Holcomb, NCC, LPC, CPCS

This presentation defines anxiety, how it manifests in children, how to help children and adolescents cope with anxious feelings, and provides resources.

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