Naviance is a web-based college and career planning tool designed to assist students. Students in all grade levels at Walton use Naviance.


How to Access Naviance (Student)


Go to Walton website -

Click on the baseball at the top right of the Walton homepage​

If you’re on a CCSD computer, then you will be automatically logged into Naviance

To log into Naviance from home, you will use the following:

  --Username is Microsoft 365 username

  --Password is Microsoft 365 password


Parents and/or Guardians have mostly view-only access to their student's Naviance.


How Can I ... In Naviance

Add My Personal Email Address

Add Colleges I'm Applying To

Use Naviance with CommonApp

Use Naviance with non-Common App Schools (including Coalition)

Add & Track Teacher Recommendations

Have My Counselor Send a Counselor Recommendation

Request My Transcript Be Sent

Sign Up for College Visits

Search For Scholarships

X2Vol to Track Service Hours

Complete Bridge Bill Requirements


What Naviance Can Be Used For

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Career Exploration

Naviance offers a series of career assessments that help students discover multiple career options, and plan their career paths based on general areas of interest, and the level of education and training required to achieve their individual goals and objectives.These tools allow students to realize their goals, skills, knowledge, values, constraints and interests to help them make better academic decisions. 

College Preparation and Admissions

Whether it's matching colleges to a student's career interests, or comparing admissions rates at a student's top college choices, the Naviance college planning tools allow students and families to make informed decisions. Naviance offers tools such as SuperMatch that are designed to help students find colleges and universities based on the criteria that are most important to them.


Naviance at Walton

In addition to college and career exploration, Walton students will use Naviance for: 

  • College Visit Registration

  • Scholarship Information

  • Documentation of Community Service Hours

  • Transcript Requests

  • Teacher Recommendations

  • Counselor Recommendations

Community Service

All volunteer hours will now be recorded and electronically submitted through student's Naviance accounts. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

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