A high school transcript is a record of all your academic accomplishments in high school. It lists every class you took, when you took them, the grades you received, and the credits you earned. Your transcript also lists both your weighted and unweighted GPAs.

High school transcripts are part of the college admissions process. Many scholarships, jobs, and internships also require a copy of high school transcripts as part of the application. Transcripts give college admissions officers, scholarship reviewers, and employers an overview of the academic performance of students.

Updated Information Regarding Transcripts (1-7-21)

Updated official transcripts that include first-semester grades, will not be available until mid-January. Students may submit their transcript requests beginning on January 15th.  Any transcript requests made prior to that date will only include grades through end of junior year.

Mid-year Transcript

If the colleges you applied to are requesting a mid-year transcript (they want to see your first semester grades), please request your transcript through MyPaymentsPlus.  Write in the name of the college – “mid-year transcript” when making the request.  If you have been deferred from a school, please check the college's website to verify if they want a mid-year transcript.  

Initial Transcript Request

If this is your first request for a transcript to be sent to a college and want to include your first semester grades, you should not submit your transcript request through MyPaymentsPlus until January 15th.  Any transcript requests made before that date will only include grades through the end of your junior year.

For information on how to request a transcript, go to: https://0515426c-9b96-4472-9fad-d4a84dd4900a.filesusr.com/ugd/52ce70_4ebf1c5401dd4143b9c1661bdddfc6b4.pdf


Requesting An Official Transcript

Requesting an official transcript is a two part process involving Naviance & MyPaymentsPlus



A grade point average (GPA) is the sum of all course grades throughout a student's high school career divided by the total number of credits. 

The Cobb County School District has set the following grading scale:

A = 90-100

B = 80-89

C = 74-79

D = 70-73

F = Below 70

Cobb County transcripts list both unweighted and weighted GPAs but do not list HOPE GPA.


HOPE & Zell Miller Scholarships

Georgia's HOPE & Zell Miller Scholarships are available to Georgia residents who have demonstrated academic achievement. The scholarship provides money to assist students with the educational costs of attending a HOPE eligible post-secondary institution located in Georgia.

Click here for more information about the HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarships.

Click here for more information regarding your GAFutures account and the HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship including how to submit your SAT or ACT scores to GAFutures (Zell Miller Scholarship only).