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CCSD Student Laptop Program

As part of the Learning Everywhere Program, all CCSD students have the opportunity to receive a Dell laptop and carrying case for instructional use at home and school. In order to participate in the program, the enrolling adult must opt in through ParentVue.


1. Log in to ParentVue (PARENTVUE HELP)

2. On the left menu, click on Student Device Liability Agreement

3. Read the agreement and accept it

4. Select Opt-in for each student

Students who opt in will be assigned a new laptop while they are enrolled in the Cobb County School District and will be required to return the device upon graduation or withdrawal from the district. Your student will NOT receive a device unless you opt in.


-- Students will be expected to bring their district-issued devices to school every day for use in their content area classes. 

-- School-issued devices will be connected to the Cobb server, which will allow for better connectivity.

-- School-issued devices will come with the required Office 365 software that Cobb students utilize.

-- School-issued devices will have access to our testing platforms. For example, students will be able to take End of Course tests and CTLS assessments using their school-issued devices.  

--When all students have the same device, teachers can incorporate technology more often since they are assured all students have access.

--Devices will continue to be distributed as students opt-in. 


Student Laptop Program - here you will find laptop set-up directions, quick fixes, and best practices/laptop care

Initial Set-Up of Your CCSD Laptop 

Password Information for Cobb Student Laptop Setup for New Students

Student Laptop Resources - here you will find training and support for the Student Laptop Program

Student Laptop Program: About
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