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Walton Apply to College Day

November 1, 2023
8:30 am - 2:30 pm
Computer Lab 203

Apply to College Day: About

To Do List

Be prepared for Apply to College Day by following these steps.

Create a GAfutures account at

If you already have an account, update your profile, write down your password, and bring it with you.

Bring the Apply to College Student Prep Sheet with you.

Know where you would like to apply.

You can research more about colleges by using Naviance's SuperMatch and College Research tools.

Have a plan for application fees if needed.

Bring in a credit card.

Write required essays or personal statements if required.

Bring your essays or personal statements or have them accessible online.

Gather personal information needed to complete applications.

Some of this information may need to come from parents (e.g., residency information, social security number, etc.)

Questions? Email Dr. Rebecca England.

Apply to College Day: List
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