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The following information will be helpful for having a successful registration:

Course Information

Choose your courses carefully. There are detailed course descriptions for each course in Academic Planning Guide. You can also review the Walton High School Advanced Placement Booklet which provides more detailed information regarding the requirements and demands of specific AP classes.

Please note - It is not possible for you to try out a course to determine if it is right for you. You cannot change levels or electives once the semester begins. After the 10th day of the semester, any course dropped will receive a grade of a 10 on your official transcript. 

Course Flow Charts

Course flow charts for the 2023-24 school year are as follows:




Social Studies

World Languages

International Spanish Academy (ISA)

STEM Academy


For core classes (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Language), the current teacher will recommend the curriculum level the student should take next year. While each teacher will make a recommendation based on the specific core area, it is important to consider the overall course load. If the student and/or parent/guardian disagree with the teacher’s recommendation or are concerned about the academic challenge, the student may complete a waiver to request a different placement. Please note:

- The waiver form can be found in the student's CTLS Homeroom.

- Waivers are due by April 1 and will not be accepted after that date unless the teacher recommendation has changed. 

- Waivers are binding for one complete semester. Once the waiver has been submitted and approved, the class cannot be changed again during that semester.

- Students may only waive up or down by one level. 

Year-Long Courses

Registration for any year-long courses (classes with an A and B semester) in an academic area may not be dropped at the end of the first semester. The only exception is if the teacher of the subject recommends a change for the student.

Teacher Preference

We do not honor teacher preference requests during scheduling. All 2700+ students have preferences, and it would be impossible to honor the requests of all students.

0 Period

If you want to take an extra course as a 0 period next year, please contact Ms. Cook at for more information. Taking an extra class as a 0 period costs $300 per semester. 0 period classes meet face to face daily 7:15-8:15am Monday – Thursday.

Rising 9th Grade Registration Tips: List
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