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Junior Advisement - Class of 2025

Junior Advisement is a dedicated CCSD program designed to assist junior students and their families in preparing for their senior year. Its primary objectives are to ensure that students meet all the necessary graduation requirements per Georgia state standards and to begin considering post-secondary options for life after high school. The Junior Advisement program comprises several key components, including a group presentation, the completion of the state-mandated Bridge Bill survey through Naviance, the development of an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP), and the opportunity for one-on-one meetings with school counselors to address any questions or concerns.

Junior Advisement registration has now closed. Email your child's school counselor for when your child was assigned his/her appointment date/time.



Junior Advisement will be held on select dates at Walton High School from Tuesday, October 24 - Friday, November 17 during all lunch periods (3rd-6th periods) in the media center's Lecture Hall. 



Junior Advisement registration is now closed. Email your child's school counselor for when your child was assigned his/her appointment. While all juniors are required to participate in junior advisement, parent/guardian participation is optional. 

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Students must bring their school-issued or personal device to their Junior Advisement appointment. We have limited access to school devices. 

If your student does not have a school-issued device and you would like to opt-in for one, you can still do so in ParentVue. Click here for directions. Please opt-in at least one week before your advisement appointment to allow time for pick up and required set up. 

If your student uses a personal device, please ensure it is connected to the school Wi-Fi before your session starts. Phones are not acceptable personal devices for advisement purposes. 


Parking Information

If you register for a 10:30 am, 11:30 am, or 12:30 pm session, please park in the bus lanes behind the school. Do not park in the numbered spaces in the front and back lots. We will have a volunteer stationed at the back door to direct you where to go for your advisement session.   

If you register for a 1:30 pm session, please park in front of the school in any available spot and check in with the volunteer. Bus lanes must be empty to allow room for the buses to arrive beginning around 2:00 pm. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE BACK. 

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